Terms and Conditions

Any product claims should be reported within 24 hours of delivery of the product.
Customers have to share pictures and videos of the issue faced along with a picture of the Enfuri.pk invoice.

In case of a damaged product, the customer must report the issue to Enfuri.pk within 1 hour of delivery or at the time of delivery (for Karachi only).

Once the claim has been forwarded to the relevant department the claims department will respond to the customer within 2-3 Working days.

If the customer has received the wrong product it will be exchanged if reported within 24 hours of delivery.

The customer should send the pictures and videos of the products via Email sales@enfuri.com

All claims will be investigated by our quality control team.

Valid claims will be eligible for a replacement.

If the product is no longer available for replacement the customer’s payment will be returned to them via refund or reversal method.

Customers cannot opt for payment returns.

Any claim reported after 24 hours of delivery will not be entertained.

Any damage to the product after delivery will not be claimable by Enfuri.pk.

A Change of mind regarding the product will not be entertained.

Customers should make a video of the product unboxing so that it can be verified that the product was delivered in such condition.