Q1. How do I make a purchase from Enfuri?

Ans. Enfuri has made online buying very easy; just go to Home and navigate through our friendly interface and go to categories. From there explore your desired item; by clicking on it you will be directed to product page from there just order now and fill the form with asked information. After that I will representative will get back to you.


Q2. How do I choose my product particulars? Like size, color, model etc

Ans. For hassle free online shopping with Enfuri just keep an eye on everything given on product page. You will get all of your desired particulars there; just select them accordingly.


Q3. Are the product particulars given on product page are accurate?

Ans. Surely Yes. We have made our best possible efforts to display everything about the product accurately.


Q4. How I will know that you have received my order?

Ans. Once you have done with order placement; you will get a confirmation email from us. Further you can also view your ordered item in your dashboard under " My Orders "


Q5. What to do if the item I am going to order online is out of stock?

And. For this keep visiting and checking us for the updated content. We do our utmost effort to update the content frequently.


Q6. Is my personal information kept secure and safe?

Ans. Of Course Yes. We are assuring you about your information that all will be kept secure and safe and it will not be shared with anyother third party.


Q7. What payment methods Enfuri is offering to pay online?

Ans. We are accepting all types of bank transfers. We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Western Union. While through end-to-end encryption it is all safe for you.



Q8. In which regions Enfuri Ship products?

Ans. In Pakistan we have nationwide delivery.


Q9. What is your shipping Charges?

Ans. Shipping charges may vary subject to the destination distance and increasing fuel prices. You can see charges at the time of checkout.


Q10. Do you offer any discounts to customers?

Ans. We run promotions with time to time for upcoming events and Sales. So keep visiting us for such discount offers.


Q11. How do I contact your customer services representative?

Ans. We are here to serve you 24/7. Just send us email at our customer care center or just make a call to us. Our team is here to give you the best services.


Q12. Do you have any physical shop or store anywhere in the country?

Ans. Enfuri is an online fashion brand store at the moment; currently we do not have any physical store.