About Us

Who We Are? And What We Are?

Established in 2022, The Enfuri is coming up as the newest rapidly emerging fashion brand; head offices located at Teen Talwar, Mehran Square, Clifton Karachi. As fashion industry is one of the fastest-growing industries in Pakistan; keeping this in view Enfuri come up with diligent idea by drawing inspiration from the people of Pakistan belonging to di­fferent ethnicities, making this country unique in style and adoptions.

Keeping these variants and varieties our each & every product unifies into one complete fashion portal for the peoples of all ages and lifestyles living here.

Our Product Line

We the brand namely Enfuri is coming up with all fashion collections from clothing to footwear and from accessories to jewelry, cosmetics & costumes. Means we have comprehensive range of all fashion and apparel products while we are kick starting our shelves with aromatic fragrances and perfumes.

The Brand for All

Enfuri is rising as the fastest-growing fashion and apparel brand for upcoming Generations. We have all for all men, women, girls, boys and kids. Our aim is to promote the portal where anyone can get what he is desiring for with respect to fashion.

We Are Aiming For

We are aiming not to do business but want to operate as family for the best customer experience and for this we aim to deliver the true value of a customer’s money so that this will keep people come back to us and maintain high level of trustworthy relationship.
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